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"Learn to Use Canva AI In About One Hour"

In this Course, You’ll Watch Us Use Canva to Create Graphics With Canva's AI Tools


Create with Canva AI

How to Use Canva's AI Tools Effectively

Canva AI

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course...

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Mp4 Videos Teach You Canva AI

  • Video 1 - Canva Magic Studio

  • Video 2 - Canva Magic Pricing and Plans

  • Video 3 - Magic Design-Brand Kit

  • Video 4 - Magic Design Example

  • Video 5 - AI Presentations

  • Video 6 - Customize Your AI Presentation

  • Video 7 - AI Translate

  • Video 8- Tranform AI Presentation to PDF Document

  • Video 9 - AI Video Creation

  • Video 10 - AI Resize Your Video

  • Video 11 - AI Writer

  • Video 12 - Magic AI Animate

  • Video 13 - Magic AI Morph

  • Video 14 - Text to Image

  • Video 15 - Text to Video

  • Video 16 - Magic Edit

  • Video 17- Magic Edit Live Example

  • Video 18 - Magic Grab

  • Video 19 - Magic BG Remover

  • Video 20 - Magic Expand

And here's just a sample of the impressive videos you will get access to!

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