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How to Launch And Promote Products On JVZoo

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Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course...

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Mp4 Videos Teach You How to Incorporate JVZoo into your Internet Marketing Strategy!

  • Video 1 - Set Up Your Affiliate Payment Profile

  • Video 2 - Opening Your Account

  • Video 3 - JVZoo Pay Configuration

  • Video 4 - Set Up Your Affiliate Payment Profile.

  • Video 5 - Eligibility to Withdraw Affiliate Commissions

  • Video 6 - Finding Products to Promote

  • Video 7 - Product Research In JVZoo.

  • Video 8 - Applying to Promote an Affiliate Product

  • Video 9 - Integrations Area for Affiliates

  • Video 10 - Bonus Delivery

  • Video 11 - Read the Vendor Profile Before You Promote

  • Video 12 - Seller Payment Profiles

  • Video 13 - Seller Set Up Step One

  • Video 14 - Set the Payment Information

  • Video 15 - Pricing Dime Sale and Time Sale

  • Video 16 - Affiliate Settings

  • Video 17- Product Delivery Settings

  • Video 18 - Checkout Page Experience

  • Video 19 - Advanced Settings and Compliance

  • Video 20 - Set Up Your Buy Button

And here's just a sample of the impressive videos you will get access to!

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