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Attention Internet Marketers: Ready to Get More Out of Your AI Activity?

"Give Me Sixty Minutes And I’ll Show You How to Get Started Using AI Prompts To Increase Your Business Activity"

In this Course, You’ll Find Out How To Use AI Prompts To Get More Out of Content Creation Activities


The Prompt Engineering Playbook

How To Maximize the Power of Generative AI Prompts

Prompt engineering bundle

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course...

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Mp4 Videos Teach You Prompt Engineering

  • Video 1 - Provide the AI a Role.

  • Video 2 - Give the AI Shots or Examples

  • Video 3 - Give the AI your Writing and Content Voice

  • Video 4 - Request Prompts from an AI Like ChatGPT

  • Video 5 - Priming an AI with a Question and Context Format

  • Video 6 - Output to Tables

  • Video 7 - Summarize Imperfect Information

  • Video 8- Summarize with a Purpose

  • Video 9 - Expand A Summary To Prose

  • Video 10 - Remaking Into a Specific Voice

  • Video 11 - Understanding Tokens and Limits with ChatGPT

  • Video 12 - Iterations

  • Video 13 - Iterate Based on What You Like and Didn't Like

  • Video 14 -  Iterations Using Variations

  • Video 15 - Keeping What You Want During Iterations

  • Video 16 - Self Consistency Prompting

  • Video 17- Chain of Thought Prompting

  • Video 18 - Generated Knowledge One Prompt

  • Video 19 - Generated Knowledge - Multiple Prompts

  • Video 20 - AutoGPT Prompting

And here's just a sample of the impressive videos you will get access to!

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