Capture Visuals with Canva

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Create Visuals with Canva

The Technical Side of Implementing Canva In Your Business Promotions

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Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course...

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Mp4 Videos

  • Video 1 - Introduction to Canva

  • Video 2 - Apply For the Canva Affiliate Program

  • Video 3 - Plans and Pricing for Canva

  • Video 4 - Open a Canva Account

  • Video 5 - Download the Application

  • Video 6 -Searching Canva for A Template Type

  • Video 7 - Custom Size

  • Video 8- Adding Elements To Your Design

  • Video 9 - Adding Your Own Content

  • Video 10 - Adding Your Own Content From Facebook To A Design

  • Video 11 - Create a Video With Canva

  • Video 12 - Adding and Customizing Design Text

  • Video 13 - Document Page Customization Elements

  • Video 14 - Using the File Menu When Customizing Documents

  • Video 15 - Elements of the Pro Version Interspersed

  • Video 16 - Canva Applications and Integrations

  • Video 17- Output Design to Download

  • Video 18 - Output Design to Presentation

  • Video 19 - Output Design Direct to Social Media and More

  • Video 20 - Output to Printed Merchandise

And here's just a sample of the impressive videos you will get access to!


  • Bonus #1 - Canva Training

    Bonus #2 - Business and Life Transformation

    Bonus #3 - Boost Your Business Profits

    Bonus #4 - Insider Growth Tactics For Business Coaches

    Bonus #5 - Expert Graphics Videos Pro

    Bonus #6 - Essential Business Branding

    Bonus #7 - Animated Graphics Firesale

    Bonus #8 - Business And Website Traffic

    Bonus #9 - 12 Ways To Promote Your Business With Facebook Live

    Bonus #10 - How To Start a Freelance Business

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