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The ChatGPT Plugins Playbook

Basic Tutorials to Build Your Brand and Business

CHATGPT Plugins Training

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course...

20 HD Step By Step Over the Shoulder Instructional Tutorial Mp4 Videos

  • Video 1 - ChatGPT Plugins

  • Video 2 - One Word Domains Plugin with ChatGPT

  • Video 3 -SEO Plugins

  • Video 4- Create a Video in ChatGPT with Visla

  • Video 5 - Create a Video in ChatGPT with HeyGen

  • Video 6 - Vox Scripts - Search YouTube Transcripts

  • Video 7 - Do Your Travel with Kayak and ChatGPT

  • Video 8 - Use ChatGPT For Your Ideal Domain Name

  • Video 9 - Find the Right ChatGPT Plugin

  • Video 10 - Export Your ChatGPT Content To a PDF

  • Video 11 - Use ChatGPT to Summarize Any Web Page.

  • Video 12 - Compile Information using Webpilot

  • Video 13 - Originality AI and Plagiarism

  • Video 14 - Use ChatGPT to Interact with a YouTube Video

  • Video 15 - Use ChatGPT to Write the Perfect Prompt

  • Video 16 - How To Use the Plugins

  • Video 17 - How to Create a Course Curriculum with ChatGPT

  • Video 18 - How to Use ChatGPT to Find The Right GIF

  • Video 19 - How To Summarize Podcast Show Notes

  • Video 20 - Use the Photorealistic Plugin to Create Midjourney Images

And here's just a sample of the impressive videos you will get access to!

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